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About Roz

Roz’s experience enables her to coach key skills in the work-place including:


  • Setting SMART targets (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time phased)

  • Prioritising workload

  • Managing and supporting colleagues

  • Leading teams

  • Making and enabling change 


Equally her previous background as a sixth form tutor combined with her knowledge as a coach makes her uniquely skilled in being able to facilitate and support adolescents in their critical life choices including the university application process and / or entry into the workplace.


  • Coach Diploma in Adult and Adolescent coaching

  • Level 2 Autism diploma

  • PGCE fully qualified Secondary School teacher

  • BA Hons


In line with therapists and counsellors, Roz is fully compliant with the necessary requirements to work with adults and adolescents.  She is fully DBS checked, has appropriate insurance, has completed full safeguarding training, is committed to completing the required CPD by her accrediting body and is in regular supervision.


My Approach

Coaching sessions can be conducted face to face or virtually according to preference.  


Session 1: A preliminary short questionnaire will have been completed.  During this initial session a client / coach relationship will be established identifying the objectives.  The fees, guidelines and code of practice will be explained.  The client will then decide whether coaching is the route they wish to take and whether the rapport with Roz is right for them.


Session 2: This will involve a thorough exploration of the client’s agenda and could involve a ‘values elicitation’ exercise or ‘wheel of life’.  Generally, sessions will follow the TGROW (topic, goal, reality, options, way forward) model to achieve the required outcomes and actions.


Session 3: By now the means of achieving the goals will be identified and individually tailored creating empowerment rather than feelings of overwhelm. Any hurdles that have arisen will have been addressed and a plan created to revisit them in subsequent sessions.


Subsequent sessions

Coaching will continue to break down major goals into smaller, more manageable ones. The goals will be time-related and will involve Roz ensuring the client has the tools to successfully self manage going forward.


Adolescents sessions will usually follow the term time schedule.  Clients will sign up for 5/6 sessions per half term, either virtually, or in a well being room within school.  


For adults a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended but there is no commitment required until the first session has taken place and an agreement has been reached to work together.  Typically, sessions will take place twice a month giving the client time to action outcomes.  

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My Approach
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